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    5 Things Happy & Healthy People Never Do

    With the New Year finally here many of us are working on ourselves. We are going to the gym, going on diets and trying to be a bit nicer to others (hopefully). Perhaps the most overlooked resolution is improving your mental well-being. The path to happiness is certainly not always clear. But, have you ever considered that maybe you could achieve a happier you by what you don’t do? I’ve compiled a short list of things that mentally healthy and happy people never do. Follow these and you’ll be on the path to being your best.   1. They don’t think about the things they don’t have If you’re reading this, odds are your life is pretty good. Think about it. You live in a country that is well off and provides you the opportunity to be connected to the internet. That alone is something to be thankful for! If you spend your time focusing on the things you wish you had, you are setting yourself up for sadness. Instead, be sure to focus on all of the good things in your life. You will be much better off and the world will brighten up around you! Try it. It works.   2. They don’t make excuses for physical health You know you should go to the gym. You know you should go for that run. So, do it! Regardless of the obvious physical benefits dragging yourself out of bed or off the couch to achieve a personal fitness goal will do wonders for your happiness. I guarantee that you almost always feel incredible when you are finished with a workout. This is no accident. The chemicals released from your body during a workout pay enormous dividends for your mental well-being. If you want to be happier, force yourself to get out there and be active. You’ll feel great after you accomplish your goal, no matter how small.   3. They don’t spend time with negative people People can bring you down. It is nearly impossible to stay up-beat when surrounded by whiners and complainers. Some people simply see the bad in everything and they are toxic to your happiness and health! The key is to avoid spending time with these people. I’m sure some of them are close friends or loved ones. I know this to be the case with me! You should not cut these people out of your life, but rather keep time with them to a minimum. You can try your best to sway these people to the light side of life, but more often than not you’re wasting your time. Don’t let them bring you down. Surround yourself with people who smile and laugh!   4. They don’t compare themselves to others This is a big one. Social media makes this more relevant than ever before. Stop trying to make your life like someone else’s. It is imperative you don’t look at other people’s successes and negatively judge yourself. Again, reflect on the positive aspects of your life. There will always be someone else who you perceive to be luckier, more successful or happier than you. The best way to avoid this is to cut out looking at other people’s lives altogether. Get off of social media unless you are connecting with friends and family. If you do see success in someone else’s life, embrace it! Be happy for them and it will in turn make you happier as well. Odds are people are a little jealous of your life too!   5. They don’t sweat the small stuff You’ve heard this before. If you start embracing this idea, life will become some much more fulfilling and positive. If you think something has gone wrong in your day, take a step back and ask yourself: “Is it really such a big deal.” Take a deep breath and count the blessings in your life. You will quickly realize that this is really a miniscule mishap in the grand scheme of life! Life is good. Remember, these are little things. Don’t let them get to you!   Keep a positive outlook on life and good things will consistently come your way. It is all about your attitude and the angle in which you view everyday occurrences. Happiness is obtainable for everyone, but it starts with a conscious effort to make it so. Make sure you are doing things to make you happier and also avoiding doing the things get you down. The road to a happier you starts with just that: YOU.   By Pat DeRiso Sources: Prevention Magazine

    How Water Can Improve Your Mood...quickly and easily

    Everyone is well aware that they should be drinking plenty of water. It is well documented that H2O provides countless physical benefits from healthier skin to increased amounts of energy. Not to mention the fact that it is a zero calorie beverage! However, a new study out of France has revealed a new reason to keep sipping on water: an improved mood. The study included about 50 participants who drank varied amounts of water per day. 30 people who drank very limited quantities of water per day were asked to increase their intake for three days. On the other hand, the other 20 people were instructed to do the exact opposite. These were folks who normally drank large amounts of water and they were asked to greatly reduce their water consumption. The results were very clear. The group that began drinking increased amounts of water instantly felt the health benefits. These people reported feeling more positive and up-beat at the end of the study. Additionally, they felt distinctly less fatigued, more alert and focused as well a decrease in negative effects such as headaches. As you can imagine, the group that had to cut down their water consumption for a few days experienced the opposite results. This group reported a worsened mood, an increase in headaches, higher levels of confusion, and more fatigue. But the most alarming results of the study are how quickly the contributors experienced changes. Remember, these findings were documented after changing water intake over only 3 days. Imagine what a conscious overhaul of this simple lifestyle change could do for your mood and body! unnamed2 Although it is abundantly clear that water positively affects mood, scientists are unclear why. However a study conducted through the University of Connecticut did find a direct correlation between even mild hydration and cognitive performance. Researchers speculate that this may be a result of neurons in the brain detecting a problem in the hydration or electrolyte levels. This would then affect the areas of your brain that regulate mood. Regardless of the reasons why your mood is improved from drinking water, the benefits are evident. To really feel the benefits and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the goal should always be to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. A great tip is to bring a water bottle with you wherever you go. This is especially beneficial at work. Having your water bottle constantly within arm’s reach will promote increased sipping and will absolutely increase your overall water consumption. I never leave my house without it! Get more H2O into your body and your mood will certainly thank you!   By Pat DeRiso

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