Walking - A Two-For-One Deal!

Walking - A Two-For-One Deal! | NatraCure
A brisk walk on a bright autumn afternoon can add years to your life- really! Research indicates that for every hour you spend walking you add two hours to your life. But sometimes we find it difficult to take time to add a simple daily habit- even a simple healthy one. Every step you take improves your health & it's no secret that walking is an excellent form of physical activity & a daily walk can help with weight loss, blood pressure, heart health, & muscle tone according to American Council on Exercise (ACE).
So, try getting inspired by taking a stroll through the park. Kick some fallen leaves, hear the rustle & crackle they make as you walk on them & breathe deeply- just be in the moment. If walking alone feels awkward, then involve some friends or family. Start a walking group- having fellow walkers will be inspiring. But don’t worry if you can’t get outside. Most towns have a mall- so take advantage of the perfect walking environment in any weather- & start moving!
We are generous with our time for others, especially in this season of giving, but remember to give yourself the gift of good health. Be generous to your body, mind & spirit with an abundance of good choices.
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