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    Why Your Breath Stinks And What To Do About It

    People are whispering about you. Your breath stinks! Well maybe not, but it is certainly a fear that crosses everyone’s mind from time to time. There are very specific causes of bad breath, scientifically known as halitosis. The good news is there are a few ways to effectively prevent and even treat this embarrassing condition. No, I’m not talking about popping a breath mint or chewing gum. Read on and I’ll show you a handful of simple techniques to make sure your breath doesn’t cause people to run for the hills!   Scrape That Tongue Everyone knows to brush their teeth twice a day, but are you neglecting your tongue? Most people are. The truth is, your tongue is the biggest cause of bad breath! Why? It has to do with bacteria. Your tongue is the perfect place for nasty, bad breath causing bacteria and plaque to live and flourish. The countless grooves and crevices of your tongue provide homes for these little guys. The best way to counter this is by fighting back with not only a toothbrush, but a tongue scraper!  Don’t get me wrong, scrubbing your tongue with a standard toothbrush will certainly help, but a tongue scraper is the absolute winner for quick and effective bacteria and plaque removal!   Wet Your Whistle A dry mouth is like a resort for bacteria. Dry mouths lead to dead cells manifesting on your tongue, gums and cheeks. Bacteria will set-up an all-you-can-eat buffet on those dead cells! When they are eating, they are multiplying. You better believe they will cause some foul smells when they start to increase in numbers. In fact, they cause sulfur-related molecules to build-up and we all know that can’t smell good! Over-the-counter mouth rinses work best to rid your mouth of these unwelcome guests. However, if you don’t have any rinses around you can simply rinse out your mouth with some plain old water. The rinsing will help to physically remove some of the odor causing bacteria and help cure your halitosis. Your friends will thank you!   Floss. Floss. Floss. Yes. I know you’re tired of hearing your dentist say it. The fact is, many people choose to ignore this essential step in personal hygiene. What if NOT doing it was making your friends and colleagues avoid talking to you? Well it could be! The same bacteria that thrives in and on your tongue is also living in between your teeth and gums. Take a few minutes to add flossing to your daily routine.   It’s easier to not scare off people with your mouth than you thought! Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be sure to keep bad breath at bay!   By Pat DeRiso Sources:,