Looking In The Mirror

Looking In The Mirror | NatraCure

Everyday we are inundated with images of perfection whether it is the perfect life, perfect body, perfect children, or the perfect job & it’s all magnified & displayed over social media. Queue up self-esteem issues.
Body image is perhaps the most intensely imposed social standard. Simply put, body image is the view you have of yourself in your mind & when you look in the mirror. It is how you see yourself physically. Having a positive body image means you accept your natural body & don’t waste time comparing yourself to others. Positive body image creates a confident & self-aware person- who is centered in their own wellness.
We know it’s hard to live up to the current images of perfection. Many of us struggle to navigate what we feel is right for us & the intense social expectation of perfection. It is, however, possible to guard yourself against the scrutiny of perfection in order to maintain a sense of well-being.
Develop these three simple skills to help you maintain a positive body image.
1. Try to avoid perfectionism & understand that good enough actually is good enough.
2. Don't make comparisons & try to simply celebrate others’ successes as well as your own.
3. Avoid judgments or critiques & once you start to do this, others will respond positively as well.
Learning to accept yourself & your body—or even just to give yourself a break every now & then—is one of the most important personal skills for overall wellness.