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FlexiKold Gel Cold Packs with Straps



America's #1 best selling cold pack brand, and for good reason: Colder for longer, flexible when frozen, and built to last a long, long time.

When thousands of trusted physical therapists and other healthcare professionals are using a product, you can feel confident that it's designed for optimal relief and convenience. The FlexiKold Cold Pack with Straps stays right where you want it with super-stretchy straps that can attach anywhere on the outer surface of the pack. It features our professional-grade gel interior that stays smooth and flexible when frozen, unlike the bentonite formula you'll find in your average ice pack. FlexiKold strapped cold packs also employ our Cold Shield Technology, an insulating outer layer that increases the chill factor and keeps the cold directed towards your body. Plus, the super-durable double-seam construction prevents leaking, while the extra-thick nylon exterior is easy to clean.

Because this reusable cold pack is designed to be thinner than your run-of-the-mill ice pack, you can rely on better contact anywhere on your body where you need relief from sore muscles, arthritis, or inflammation and swelling. In other words, this versatile cold pack with straps is a must for your self-care regime.

Pain, swelling, and inflammation

  • Available in two (2) sizes: Standard & Half-Size
  • Colder, thinner & more flexible
  • Extra thick nylon exterior
  • Double sealed to prevent leaking
  • Washable & reusable
  • HALF SIZE: Foot, Ankle, Shin, Calf, Quad, Forearm, Elbow, Hand, Wrist, Neck
  • STANDARD SIZE: Back, Quad, Hamstring, Calf, Shin, Shoulder, Knee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Timothy Riley
Best in Class Cold Packs

Flexikold packs are a great product. They hold the cool well and they are sized big for good coverage. Consider buying the two pack with the straps. I am very pleased with my purchase. My shoulder impingement and bone spurs feel so good with the flexikold pack strapped on.

Convenient Easy Hold Straps Make this Cold Pack the Best

This Cold Gel Pack is easy to use. The Velcro Straps make the Gel Pack stay in place while you can relax even move around knowing it remain securely in place. I have bought many different Cold Packs from NatraCure all of which are the best when compared with other Companies. Customer Service excels at providing quality.

Sharon Dougherty

FlexiKold Gel Cold Packs with Straps

Mary Rose Arbagi
Gel cold pack w/straps

I bought the medium size gel pack to use for my hamstrings where I have tendonopathy. It cools quickly in the freezer. The size and shape work well to provide relief over a large area. The straps help hold the pack in place. I highly recommend this easy to use product.

Kenneth Rys

FlexiKold Gel Cold Packs with Straps

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