Image- A Reflection of Well-Being

Image- A Reflection of Well-Being | NatraCure

We can do our best for others when we believe the best in ourselves.

Do you see yourself as caring, loving, giving, & nurturing of others? Most of us do, because we have been socialized to believe that it is more important to fulfill the needs of others than it is to fulfill our own needs.

But is being self-less really a positive & sustainable behavior for our own well-being?  Image & Well-Being are completely integrated. The expression ‘burned-out” is often associated with those that give so much of themselves they have nothing left for themselves. We need to feed ourselves the good things that keep us internally happy or we end up being externally discontent- & that’s the image that other’s see- not the one we think we project. Re-energize yourself & take time to step back from the expectations of others & be at peace with giving yourself some downtime.

Make it a daily habit to do something good for you- something as simple as having tea in your favorite tea-cup or reading before bedtime. Embrace a positive self-image- make it one that tells you every day that you are worth taking time for because it is perhaps the most important thing, we can do for ourselves. It is the greatest service we can provide for others, for by being centered, stable, & strong we are a good example & that puts us in a better place from which to change the world around us.