Sit Back, Relax, and Moisturize

Sit Back, Relax, and Moisturize | NatraCure

Winter weather often brings joy, but can also bring dry, itchy skin as well.. Between the blistering cold outdoors and the moisture-less air indoors, winter-weary skin can be hard to escape. Our moisturizing products feature skin-saving ingredients, like botanical oils and shea butter, providing a solution for dry, winter skin. Sensitive winter skin needs nourishment - once you've soothed your skin, why not indulge further with some of our favorite relaxation tools.


INTENSE HYDRATING HALF-COATED GEL GLOVES: With seven skin-soothing essential oils as well as shea butter, our half-coated gel gloves comfortably soothe and soften dry and rough hands, fingers, and cuticles.






INTENSE HYDRATING GEL BOOTIES: Designed to lock in moisture, our gel booties are the ideal bedtime companion to wake up with for softer feet, toes, and heels. 







4-SPEED VIBRATING PEANUT ROLLER MASSAGER: Get targeted relief effortlessly with our effective handheld massager to help speed up recovery and increase mobility on the go.






INTENSE HYDRATING GEL GLOVES: Our best-selling skincare product! These gloves feature a therapeutic blend of botanical oils that moisturize hands with nourishing goodness, for softer skin and well-cared-for cuticles. 





INTENSE HYDRATING GEL BOOTIES: Our intense hydrating gel booties feature a gel lining that slowly releases medical-grade mineral oil, soothing dry, cracked feet - see results after just 2-3 uses.





INTENSE HYDRATING GEL HEEL SLEEVES: For an unrivaled at-home treatment that will leave dry, cracked heels refreshingly hydrated and silky-smooth for days, try a pair of our hydrating gel heel sleeves. 





WARMING EYE MASK: Ultra-soft and fully adjustable, our all-in-one eye mask can be used hot or cold to help relieve migraine headaches, swollen, puffy eyes, and more.





SILICA BEAD DRY EYE MASK: Red, irritated, dry or puffy eyes  are no match for our super-soothing eye mask, featuring hot/cold silica beads - giving you the option to customize your relaxation time how you need it.




WARMING SHOULDER WRAP WITH SOOTHING MOISTURE TECHNOLOGY: Our cozy warming wrap soothes aches and pains with indulgent and effective moist heat therapy. 





EXFOLIATING FOOT SCRUB: Exfoliate and reinvigorate dry, tired feet with a unique complex of plant-based ingredients revealing softer, smoother skin, and an overall feeling of wellness. 





MOISTURIZING FOOT & LEG CREAM: Our moisturizing foot & leg cream absorbs quickly to help nourish and repair rough, dry feet and legs with skin-conditioning concentrated 75% aloe.






INTENSE HYDRATING BOOTIES & GLOVES: This duo makes the perfect moisturizing gift set, featuring jojoba oil, olive oil, and grape seed oil to help calm and soothe dry toes, feet, and hands.




Stay comfortable and cozy through winter by keeping your skin hydrated. With a lineup of products to help you stay moisturized through the winter months, we’re ready to help ensure your skin is ready for Spring once the frosty weather thaws. Happy moisturizing!