10 Tips For A Better You in 2021

10 Tips For A Better You in 2021 | NatraCure
Most of us view the new year as an opportunity for a clean slate. Whether you have made a list of new year resolutions, created a yearly vision board, or spent time thinking of ways to better yourself, 2021 is the fresh start we’re all ready for. If you like the idea of a “new” you, consider following these ten tips to make 2021 a year of health, comfort, and wellness.

  1. Set Realistic Goals – Set a goal (or a few) and devise a plan to make it a reality. Try sharing your new personal goals with someone you trust, so you can be held accountable. Focus on goals that fit your lifestyle and your schedule. Remember, no goal is too big or too small.

  2. Try to Eat Smarter – No matter how hard the exercise, what’s most important is what you put into your body. Aim to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into each meal. Fruits and vegetables promote longevity, prevent disease, and can help boost overall wellbeing. If you’re a serial snacker, consider keeping healthy snacks nearby to curb temptation. Another helpful trick is trying something new each week. Soon, you will find something delicious and nutritious.

  3. Drink More Water – Drinking water helps to flush out toxins, increase energy, and improve immunity. Think of your body as a system that needs H2O to function. When your body becomes dehydrated, it cannot run efficiently. If plain water isn’t your thing, try adding fresh fruit to enhance the flavor.

  4. Be Active Everyday – Aim for 30-45 minutes of activity daily. Break it up throughout the day if that is what works better for you. Try 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the afternoon, and 10 minutes at night. Many studies show that even a daily walk promotes disease prevention. Check out our list of top products to help your stay active.

  5. Find an Inspirational Space – This is our personal favorite! Just like any device, sometimes a hard reboot is required. Create a safe space in your home or office where you can Zen-out and focus on your goals. Set aside a few minutes of quiet time every day to peacefully reconnect with yourself. 

  6. Get More Shuteye – Sleep plays a critical role in your physical health. Did you know that sleep is involved in healing and repairing your heart and blood vessels? Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. Experts agree that adults should get 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night to stay happy, healthy, and focused. 

  7. Build a Budget – Make a vow to spend wisely and save more money. Before you dive headfirst into the new year, conceive a plan for how you will stick to it. Consider these apps to help you make the most of your money. Any savings, big or small, helps you to prepare for the future.

  8. Read More – During these challenging times while we are all stuck inside, consider snuggling up with a new book. Hold yourself accountable by making a list, finding books that interest you, listening to novels while you work out, or joining an online book club. Ask friends or family for recommendations, and then take some time to talk about the book with them after you’ve finished it.

  9. Drink Less Alcohol – You don’t need to drink to have fun! Make 2021 the year you cut back and be more present - doing so could improve your mood, sleep, skin, and immune system. Plus, it will help your wallet. Win, Win! 

  10. Donate to Local Organizations – Last but not least, purge your closet, cupboards, and attic. If you haven’t worn it or used it in over a year, consider donating it to charity. Not only will you have more space, but you can feel great knowing that someone who needed it more than you is benefiting from the item. 


2020 was unquestionably a challenging year for all of us, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Feed off the optimism of a new year and fill your resolution list with achievable lifestyle goals to jumpstart a happier, healthier body and mind. Happy 2021 from NatraCure!