Meet Jade

Meet Jade | NatraCure

We want to introduce you to Jade Richardson, her inspiring story and the awareness and support for Scoliosis and Spinal Fusion communities.

After receiving a spinal fusion in 2016 to correct scoliosis, Jade Richardson used social media to begin helping others through their journey. As her social following increased, she wanted to do more, so she applied to be, and was crowned, Miss Black Pennsylvania USA 2018. By using her new platform to spread awareness for scoliosis and spinal fusions, Jade continued to help people through social media, driving hours to meet with people before their surgeries, and doing radio and news interviews.

In 2018, Jade fully stepped into her purpose and founded Totally Screwed Up, Inc. which is a nonprofit with an international outreach that is committed to changing the landscape of the scoliosis and spinal fusion communities. They accomplish this by providing emotional, financial, mental, and experiential support to all of those affected by scoliosis—indiscriminate of treatment options pursued—as well as those with other health issues that result in spinal fusions. They strive to be a positive light, a beacon of hope, and a rod of love to all of those that need it.

To date, Totally Screwed Up has helped 60+ people; and has been gifting our FlexiKold Oversized gel packs to their tribe members in pre-surgery gift baskets, and we couldn’t be more excited about these amazing individuals who are helped by our gel packs.