Live the Life You Imagine

Live the Life You Imagine | NatraCure

Imagination is most often thought of as closely related to creativity but all humans possess that ability to imagine. Imagination is simply the capacity to form mental images, sensations, and representations without the use of our sense of smell, touch, taste, sight and sound.

Many people who are considered creative, gravitate to jobs like artists, writers & musicians, where it is expected and encouraged to exhibit imagination and original thought. Within the last quarter century there has been a shift in social norms and it is now common practice to encourage the free flow of imagination and put the ability to “think outside the box” to the test.

Good explains ‘Imagination is an important part of human cognition, and the ability to imagine things that have not actually occurred may even be unique to humans and it plays a strong role in our mental well-being.” Imagining positive outcomes and serene locations helps to center our minds and contributes to a sense of peace. We can apply our imagination to the life we want to live- the one we dream about. We can imagine our home & location, career, hobbies, vacations destinations and even our friends and partner.” So, imagine your best life- and make it happen!