Silica for Heat Therapy: What’s Inside Does Matter!

Silica for Heat Therapy: What’s Inside Does Matter! | NatraCure

Hot and cold therapy products come in different shapes, styles, and sizes. Did you know that they can also have different types of fillers? Common hot pack fillings can range from buckwheat and rice to flaxseed, even dried cherry pits!  Unlike these common fillings, silica doesn’t mold or mildew. There’s also little to no odor when heated, and won't burn or catch on fire when overheated. While rice and beans are great for a burrito, silica beads are undoubtedly the better ingredient when it comes to heat therapy.

There's also some science behind why silica beads are better. They are made of very stable molecules, and draw moisture from the air when heated, allowing them to maintain an even, steady temperature. With no unexpected hot spots, silica beads are ideal for comforting heat therapy. The even warming process makes silica less likely to overheat than rice or flaxseed fillers, providing prolonged use without the beads drying out. Additionally, silica beads release heat and moisture slowly and consistently over time, offering a longer-lasting moist heat therapy.

Why does all of this matter? Silica beads help provide gentle, long-lasting moist heat treatments, which penetrate the skin faster. This has shown to be more helpful to ease muscle pain and tension. It also helps increase blood flow to targeted areas, bringing in fresh blood and taking away waste, helping to speed recovery times.

Whether you’re looking to soothe stiff muscles, mitigate a migraine, or simply cozy up on the couch with a warming wrap, try one of our silica bead wraps and eye masks and experience the difference that silica can make. 


Warming Shoulder Wrap with Soothing Moisture Technology: Unlike ordinary wraps with vertical seams that allow the filling to fall to the bottom, our cozy warming wrap has specially designed horizontal chambers that hold the silica beads firmly in place, providing even distribution and added mobility during use.




Warming Neck Wrap with Soothing Moist Heat: This soft and fleecy therapy wrap is the ultimate defense against nagging neck pain and tension. The segmented, contoured design keeps the silica beads in place with optimal contact.



Warming Eye Mask: Ultra-soft and fully adjustable, our all-in-one eye mask can be used hot or cold to help relieve everything from migraine headaches to swollen, puffy eyes.





Dry Eye Mask: Say goodbye to seasonal dry eye. Red, irritated, dry or puffy peepers are no match for our super-soothing, hot/cold silica bead eye mask.