Generosity… Why it’s better to give than receive.

Generosity… Why it’s better to give than receive. | NatraCure

With the season of “giving” nearly upon us, most of us are thinking about what the perfect gift might be for those special people in our life. We are in this season, more mindful of the needs and wishes of others. We make lists, spend time browsing through stores and websites looking for a gift that sends the special message of love and generosity. We make plans for big holiday gatherings and set upon creating a festive and bountiful holiday mood full of old traditions with a sprinkling of new ones that will become part of future holiday gatherings. We do all of this motivated by a spirit of generosity.

But why is it better to give than receive? We know the answer is an obvious ‘because it is kind to give’ to others- it’s part of the fabric of creating a deep relationship with family, friends and community. But in deeper reflection- there is more to the act of giving than just because it is the kind thing to do… we actually do receive something as well. So, is this WHY we give- because we ALSO receive?

The "warm glow" effect describes the pleasant sensation we get from helping others, and the theory around it suggests that the main reason behind all acts of generosity is just the fact that they make us feel good. More recent research has delved deeper into how generosity affects different aspects of our well-being. One such study showed that generosity does make us happier…