5 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Mom for Mother's Day

5 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Mom for Mother's Day | NatraCure

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching on May 8th, you may find yourself asking what to get the mom in your life who does it all. The greatest gift you can give to anybody is your time - quality time doesn’t have to be complicated or overthought, treat the mother figure in your life to a day of their interest. Here are some ideas you can share together without leaving the house! 

  1. Breakfast in Bed: While it can seem cliché, who wouldn't love waking up to the smell of a delicious breakfast made specifically for you?! Recruit the whole family to help make a fabulous breakfast or brunch spread that will be sure to impress mom.
  2. Cook a Family Recipe: Often, families will have a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. Celebrate Mother’s Day by making your grandma’s favorite pie or your aunt’s famous chocolate chip cookies. If you do not have a family recipe, consider making something new from scratch with Mom, and starting a new tradition! 
  3. Encourage Self Care: Moms are notorious for making sure everyone is taken care of. Sometimes we need to remind the mother figure in our life to take some time for herself. Whether it’s an at-home yoga class or indulging in an at-home-treatment for two, Mom will love self-care with you by her side. 
  4. Flip Through an Old Photo Album: In the digital age taking photos is easier than ever, but flipping through an old photo album is a timeless way to spend quality time. Relive your past vacations and discover memories while reminiscing about your loved ones. Don’t have a photo album? Make one with mom! 
  5. Tackle Home Improvements: Roll up your sleeves and help mom cross off her to-do list by taking care of a home improvement project that’s been on the back burner. With Spring in full force, there are always improvements to make around the house. Whether it’s a new mudroom or hanging a shelf, Mom will be thrilled to have one less thing to do.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, our list of considerate and enjoyable things to do on Mother’s Day is guaranteed to bring a smile to your mother’s face!