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Gel Toe Separator with Toe Loop

1104-M CAT 2PK


Our Gel Toe Separator with Toe Loop gently separates toes to cushion corns and prevent rubbing and irritation caused by friction.

The stretchable, anatomically molded design helps comfortably realign toes and prevent overlapping. And the toe loop keeps each separator in perfect position all day. Our made in the USA gel formula slowly releases medical-grade mineral oil (USP), vitamin E, and aloe vera to moisturize, protect, and nourish the skin.

  • Available in two (2) sizes plus a variety pack
  • Variety Pack: 2 SM, 2 MD & 2 LG
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Washable & reusable

Slide the gel toe loop over toe, placing the separator between toes, and adjust as needed.

  • Small: fits most pinky toes
  • Medium: fits second & third toes

After 20 years of providing the professional healthcare market with top-notch recovery solutions, we’ve now adapted the same medical technologies for consumer use. 

Our team has one simple goal: Helping you feel more comfortable - not only with smarter products, but by providing the greatest customer care possible, which includes Free Standard Shipping on Everything, and backing it with our famous 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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We’re located in Easton, Pennsylvania. And our products are all designed right here in the USA!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Holly Xerri
old mediums fit better!

I have ordered these many times and swear by them but in the lastfew years the mediums have been way too tight and hurt my middle toes. Bring back the original medium sized toe seperators please!!

Shana C.
Finally Found Something that Helps!

My dad had tried many ways of separating his left toes and nothing doctors or physical therapists gave him alleviated the pain. I looked at many separators online and was skeptical, but these looked so soft and squishy and had great reviews so I ordered them for my dad. He has said that these are the only thing that has given his toes pain relief. Only drawback is they may be a bit difficult for a senior to get on if they have arthritis or limited functioning in one or both hands or fingers. Some seniors may need help to put the separators on. We didn’t understand why these were not recommended to my dad earlier, but we are happy to know now.

Shrralee Gill
They have really helped me straighten out my toes

They have done what they were made to do.


My podiatrist recommended these gel toe separators a few years back. Ever since I have been purchasing them, and when I forget I pay the price with discomfort of my left foot.
service is excellent, and return policy liberal and very understanding.

How did i not know about these?!

I'm 10 months into plantar plate repair surgery - and it was still almost impossible to walk more than 2 miles! Now I can. How on earth does every foot surgery doctors office not tell us about these. Just FYI - the large didn't help me - what helped were the medium and small (
women's shoe size 8.5)

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