Gel Metatarsal Pad w/ Toe Loop

3004/05-M CAT


  • $12.99

NatraCure Gel Metatarsal Pad w/ Toe Loop protects and comforts the ball of the foot. The soft gel cushion and supports while effectively absorbing shock and shear forces. Made with our proprietary SmartGel that moisturizes skin by slowly releasing medical-grade mineral oil, vitamins, and botanicals. The toe loops help the pad stay in place reducing friction and pressure and is easy to stretch on and off. Ideal for fat pad atrophy and metatarsalgia and can also help prevent hard skin & calluses from forming.

Helps Treat: Ball-of-Foot Pain, Calluses, Morton Neuromas, Foot Pad Atrophy, Metatarsalgia

Additional Details
  • Includes one (1) pair
  • Gel is Flexible and Durable while providing soothing comfort
  • Slim design fits inside most standard footwear
  • Washable & reusable
Sizing Available in:
  • Small/Medium
  • Large/X-Large

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