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Kay Giacoletti
I Love It

Have used toe spreaders before but this added bunion guard is a blessing. Cushions my bunion much to my delight

Suzanne Borghese
Quality Above All other Products Tried

I have been using these specific toe items for over 5 years now. I was dianosed with Hallux Valgus/bunions over twenty years ago when foot pain became unbearable and I had no idea the reason I was experiencing it. I was not told to do anything proactive until 7 years ago when a friend suggested orthopaedic insoles. The doctor who I saw recommended toe spreaders and exercises. Until I found this NatraCure product I was frustrated with others I had tried. Some had low grade silicone gel which wore out/broke apart in a few weeks, others meant for overnight wearing fell off as I slept, others forced me out of my shoes because of the width of my foot with them on. The idea that I wasn't going to be able to help my feet at all reaally upset me as I wasn't happy with the idea of standing and watching my feet get worse!
When I began using these I was shocked to find a huge reduction in my foot pain within a couple of months. Walking was becoming more enjoyable and since I had a dog to walk, this was exciting! Now I refuse to use any other product and can honestly say that when I stand and look at my bare feet I can see how well I am doing to slow down/ dare I say stop, the turn in my big toes! I rarely have pain any more and I wear these on both feet every day I can. At home, while working and out and about! The only time I don't wear them of course is if my shoe will show my bare toes or the odd time I wear a dress heal that has the narrow toe. I do my very best to always choose new shoes which will allow my toe spreaders to be worn comfortably inside. At the end of the day I simply wash them with a mild hand soap, rinse and air dry!
Please try these and do toe/foot exercises to help keep your feet healthy!

Peter Moehs

Tow spreader begins deterieatng within days I


Gel Big Toe Bunion Guard with Toe Spreader

Ileen Erickson
Big toe bunion guard with toe spreader

This has been the only product I've found that provides comfort and relief from my bunion and big toe overlap issues.

FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack on shoulder

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