Gel Big Toe Bunion Guard

1316-M NCBC 6PK


  • $15.99

The NatraCure Gel Big Toe Bunion Guard provides protection and gently neutralizes friction between your bunion and shoe. The soft elastic gel loop slips over the big toe and the anatomically shaped gel surrounds the bunion, protecting it and absorbing pressure. Innovative M2 Gel slowly releases pure Medical-Grade Mineral Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to moisturize, nourish and protect the skin.

Helps Treat: Big toe (Hallux) bunion pain

How to Use: Just slip over the Hallux toe. Fits inside shoes and is comfortable enough to wear all day.

Additional Details

  • Includes one (1) unit per package
  • Fits either left of right foot
  • One size fits most
  • Odorless
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Washable & reusable

Features & Benefits

  • Diabetic Friendly: Highly stretchable, cushioning material is non-restrictive and safe for Diabetic patients
  • Doctor recommended design provides ideal protection between the Hallux toe and your shoe

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