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Plantar Fasciitis Cold Socks (w/ Compression)



NatraCure Cold Therapy Compression Socks offer swift plantar fasciitis relief for both feet with a powerful combination of compression therapy and heat or cold therapy.

Each sock has a hook-and-loop strap that gently pulls a  full-foot-sized gel pack into the arch of the foot for more direct and reliable contact with the fascia.

Chill these cozy life-savers in the freezer or refrigerator for deep cold therapy to help reduce inflammation and pain, or heat in the microwave for penetrating heat therapy to help increase circulation. For those of us suffering from the discomfort of foot ailments, NatraCure Cold Therapy Compression Socks are a dream come true.

  • Adjustable hook-and-loop compression strap
  • Freeze for cold therapy
  • Microwave for heat therapy
  • Washable & reusable
  • Extra gel packs available

Includes: One (1) pair of socks. And each sock includes a full-length cold pack for under the foot and a half-size gel pack that can be used behind the heel.

How to Use: Cold Therapy Socks are best-suited for end-of-day use. Walking in them could damage the gel packs. For work or play, try our Plantar Fasciitis Wrap.

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel & arch pain
  • Foot & forefoot pain
  • Arthritis
  • Sore muscles
  • Swelling & inflammation
  • Sprains & strains
Men's Sizing
  • Small/Medium: fits shoe sizes 5 to 9
  • Large: fits shoe sizes 8.5 & up
Women's Sizing
  • Small/Medium: fits shoe sizes 7 to 10
  • Large: fits shoe sizes 10 & up

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Could be colder…

Needs to be colder… the fit is good and comfortable, but the coldness is not sufficient and only lasts fir several minutes.

O.K. Karen
Great, convenient help for plantar faciitis

I'm icing more often (as I should) because I have an easy and convenient way to do it now. No more messy ice packs. The compression band serves a dual purpose for me - I use it to support my arch and/or to just hold the ice close to different parts of the foot. I will be buying another pair.

Sarah Ekperigin

I used before bedtime. Gives me relief so I can sleep.

Ice pack too short

The ice pack should be longer. I have a 9 1/2 foot

excellent for pf

I am a distance runner with plantar fasciitis for 2 months straight. The socks do a wonderful job of relieving the pain I have in the heels.The foot goes frozen. Love it!

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