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    Helps Treat: Low Heel Pain, Achilles Pain, Arch Pain, Ball-of-Foot Pain, Low Ankle Sprains & Strains, Inflammation, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Heating Instructions: Do NOT heat 'stand-alone' gel pack. ONLY heat the gel pack while attached to the accompanying product. Heat in the microwave for 10 seconds on each side. Do NOT exceed 40 seconds total heating time per use/application of the product. Do NOT heat more than 4 times in a 60 minute period. Gel pack MUST reach room temperate if previously chilled, before being heated.

    Additional Details
    • Use on hands, feet, wrists & ankles
    • Removable gel pack
    • Freeze for cold therapy
    • Microwave for heat therapy
    • Hook-and-loop strap
    • Washable & reusable
    • Single Pack - Includes one (1) Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap with 4" strap
    • 2 Pack - Includes two (2) Cold/Hot Therapy Wraps with 4" straps
    • 2 Pack Long - Includes two (2) Cold/Hot Therapy Wraps with 20" straps