Dual Bunion Gel Sleeve

1298-MC CAT


  • $15.99

The NatraCure Dual Bunion Gel Sleeve uses a gel pad to protect two bunion areas at once: the big toe and the little toe (bunionette/tailor's bunion). Offers Hallux protection. Plus, the anatomical design cushions the metatarsal head (ball of foot) to help absorb shock and redistribute pressure from the impact of walking or running, making every step easier. Innovative design with two toe loops keeps the comfort gel sleeve in place.

    Additional Details
    • Reduces pressure on both bunion joints
    • Fits either left of right foot
    • To switch orientation, simply flip sleeve inside out
    • Soft-stretch fabric
    • Washable & reusable
    Women's Sizing
    • Small/Medium: fits shoe sizes 5 to 10
    • Large: fits shoe sizes 10.5 to 13
    Men's Sizing
    • Small/Medium: fits shoe sizes 4 to 8
    • Large: fits shoe sizes 8.5 to 12

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