Advanced Gel Cooling Cold Cap

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With GEL/ICE Technology for longer cold treatments

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Best Cold Cap to Conquer Migraines and Reduce Inflammation with Long-Lasting Cold Therapy

Advanced Gel Cooling Cold Cap for Targeted Pain Relief or Reduced Inflammation!

Harnessing the power of GEL/ICE technology and a user-friendly, rounded design, the NatraCure Cold Cap delivers superior results.

  • Unleash Unmatched Cooling Performance: Experience our longest-lasting cold therapy ever. The NatraCure Cold Cap utilizes our proprietary GEL/ICE system. This innovative system integrates individual gel ice cubes surrounded by a body of fluid-like cooling gel. This unique combination actively slows temperature exchange, ensuring extended relief throughout your treatment and use.
  • Target Comfort Precisely: The rounded top design of the NatraCure Cold Cap conforms perfectly to your head. This maximizes surface contact with your scalp for optimal coverage. Whether you suffer from migraines, headaches, or post-surgery inflammation,, the NatraCure Cold Cap delivers targeted cooling therapy exactly where you need it most. Pair them with the Cold Therapy Mitts for additional support!
  • Maintain Your Style with Ease: Enjoy the freedom to keep your hairstyle during treatment. The NatraCure Cold Cap is specifically designed to accommodate ponytails and doesn't cover your ears! This allows for comfortable wear without sacrificing functionality.
  • Flexibility Even When Frozen: Unlike traditional ice packs that can become hard and uncomfortable, the NatraCure Cold Cap's GEL/ICE formula actively remains flexible even when frozen. This ensures a comfortable fit and consistent cold therapy throughout your session.

Don't settle for short-lived relief. Experience the difference of long-lasting, targeted cold therapy with the NatraCure Cold Cap. Order yours today!

  • Adjustable straps help create more direct contact with the scalp
  • Soft inner lining
  • One size fits most. Fits heads 22.5" to 25.5"

  • Migraines
  • Chronic headaches
  • Tension headaches
  • Occipital neuralgia pain
  • Scalp cooling for chemotherapy

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jennifer Reed

I am having chemotherapy so the short length of time that the cap stays cool is a little disappointing. I have put additional ice wraps within the cap which helps a little but it does not stay on as well.

Pat Ramey
Cooling Cap

I suffer from migraines for 25+ years, I’ve used the Advanced Gel Cooling Cap several times already and LOVE IT!! The cap is a nice addition to dealing with my painful migraines . I plan on purchasing another one for my back up.

Susan Greaves

it is very heavy - I froze it but it was turning cool then warm by the time I used it

Charmaine Henderson
Advanced Gel Cooling Chemotherapy Cap!

Only used once with more treatments to come I will have a better review later.
But as for as the company/ owner top notch!
The way they respond to my email and to make sure I got my cap in time was such a blessing! They made me feel like they cared about my needs over the product!
I’m so grateful and thankful!

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