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Universal Cold Wrap

716 CAT


The Universal Cold Pack Wrap restores your body with the power of cold therapy when on-the-move or just relaxing at home.

Our pliable professional-grade gel interior conforms to hard-to-treat areas like hands and feet and retains the cold for a better experience compared to the bentonite formula you'll find in most bulky cold packs. Designed for versatility, this light-weight and low-profile cold pack wrap won't get in the way of your active lifestyle. Enjoy the convenience of a therapy wrap with a highly flexible strap for a tailored fit. The fleecy insulating layer offers long-lasting cool comfort, and an ultra-thin mesh layer allows for an efficient transfer of cold while protecting your skin.

Whether you are treating muscle pain, injury, inflammation, or a chronic condition, you'll want to keep one (or two!) of these on standby at all times.

Sized for targeting hard-to-reach areas such as hands and feet, shoulder, back, neck, hip, knee, or leg.

Pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Beverly E Scapperotti

i have used this yest

Norma Balter Balter
Great product

Convenient, works well. I wish the velcro was not just at the end as I can’t really wrap onto my shoulders easily, but for other body parts it works well.

Ingrid Norris
The concept is great ...

It is called a SMALL ice pack. What in the world would a LARGE ONE be?
I used to have a couple of small ice packs. They wore out and can no longer be found. They were about 1/5 the size of this one. The Velcro strap could fit around any part of an oversized person .. Yeah, I use it, it works, but please don't call it a SMALL ice pack.

Leigh Stoll

Works great!

Youngja Chun
Very nice

It’s cold enough, stays cold long, and soft. Better than expected. I used bean bags before & this is much much better.

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