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Warming Heat Therapy Mittens



NatraCure Moist Heat Therapy Mittens provide soothing, moist heat for cold and painful hands.

The warming therapy from our now famous heat therapy mittens may help ease pain due to minor arthritis, stiff joints, strains, or hand injuries. Mittens may also help increase circulation in the hands and fingers. They easily slide onto hands and are secured with an adjustable hook-and-loop tab. Made of soft polyester and flaxseed, these warming mittens conveniently provide maximum warmth and comfort.

  • Flaxseed filling
  • Adjustable hook & loop closure
  • Microwave for 30-40 seconds
  • Daily use is recommended

Cold, stiff, and painful hands and fingers due to minor arthritis

Heat in the microwave 30-40 seconds. Carefully touch inside of product to test temperature before applying. If not warm enough, carefully continue heating in 10 second increments.

  • After 5-10 Minutes: Increases blood circulation for pain relief, soothes stiff joints, calms muscle spasms, improves range of motion and reduces inflammation
  • After 30 Days of Regular Use: Stronger, more energized hands, improved grip and dexterity and further reduction of pain and discomfort
  • Once your mittens have been heated, they provide soothing moist heat to cold and painful hands
  • Within minutes, you will feel a soothing sensation as moist heat penetrates your arthritic joints
  • Mittens easily slide onto hands and are secured with an adjustable hook-and-loop tab

After 20 years of providing the professional healthcare market with top-notch recovery solutions, we’ve now adapted the same medical technologies for consumer use. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Robert Ryan
The warm, moist heat is fantastic!

I truly love these mittens for soothing my arthritis in my hands. I did have a small problem with one thumb, that the beads got too hot and melted a hole in the material. I was only heating for 1 minute. I patched the hole and continue using the mittens. I have cut my heating time down to 1 minute at 69% power. Working out beautifully!

Adita Harless
Perfect warming mittens

Great value, very moist and warm.

John Robinson
The perfect purchase

These mitts are just what The Doctor ordered for my hands. I suffer from poor circulation and the hands ache constantly.
These mitts provide a heat source for relieving
the pain.
Highly recommend these mitts.

Anita Louise Crane
nice idea

It cools off quickly, otherwise feels great

Ok warming mittens

The mittens are a nice idea, but too big to do my hands any good. They are not helping mine.

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