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Extra Gel Packs for Cold Therapy Socks



This set of NatraCure Replacement Gel Packs is designed to work with all sizes of our Cold Therapy Socks and Cold Therapy Compression Socks.

As each treatment ends, your Cold Therapy Socks will return to room temperature. Use this set of extra gel packs to extend the duration of your treatment.

The full-foot length gel pack is designed to sit below each foot.  For added relief, there's an additional half-size gel pack that can be placed either over the toes or behind the heel.

  • Store in freezer or refrigerator inside of cold therapy socks or in a plastic bag
  • May also be heated in microwave for heat therapy treatment as needed
  • Additional instructions printed on gel packs

After 20 years of providing the professional healthcare market with top-notch recovery solutions, we’ve now adapted the same medical technologies for consumer use. 

Our team has one simple goal: Helping you feel more comfortable - not only with smarter products, but by providing the greatest customer care possible, which includes Free Standard Shipping on Everything, and backing it with our famous 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Have a problem? Contact Shannen, She'll go above and beyond because she lives and breathes our motto: Your comfort is our goal.

We’re located in Easton, Pennsylvania. And our products are all designed right here in the USA!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mary Smith
I love them can’t sleep without them

These socks are the only relief I get from the burning pain of neuropathy. They have increased my quality of life since I found them.

Brian Curry
Cold Therapy Socks

Not my first set. More like my fourth set. Rare is the night I do not use them to alleviate pain in big toe joints. They WORK to reduce pain. Nuff said.

Have told others about them and demo'd them as well.

Richard Newman
OK For the Price

The socks and gel packs are well made and easy to use. My only complaint is that they don't hold the cold for as long as I had hoped. They are needed for a period of 3 hours while receiving chemo therapy, and the gel packs have to be changed after 30 - 45 minutes, requiring the purchase of two extra sets of gel packs so they could be rotated. Thankfully the extra gel packs were reasonably priced.

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