What Makes A Great Cold Pack

What Makes A Great Cold Pack | NatraCure

You probably already know that using a cold pack is one of the most effective ways to reduce swelling and numb pain. But do you know why?

An injury swells because fluid leaks from blood vessels. Cold therapy helps the vessels constrict, lessening their tendency to leak. And the sooner you apply a cold pack to a sprain or strain, the sooner it can get to work easing pain and swelling.

But not all cold packs are created equal!  Here are 5 things to consider before buying one: 

  1. Durability: You want a cold pack that will last.  It should be able to withstand rigorous use. Durable products and materials don't require frequent repair or replacement.  So the raw materials, energy, and environmental impact invested in them can be spread out over more time.

  2. Flexibility & Comfort: You want a cold pack that will stay flexible when frozen.  Flexibility is probably one of the most important features of a cold pack.  No matter the body part, you want a cold pack that will stay in place and conform comfortably to the treated area. 

  3. Non-Toxic Ingredients:  You want a cold pack that is safe for the whole family.  Most cold packs leave it up to your imagination about what might be inside them.  But accidents happen.  Whether your dog chews it or you accidentally step on it, you want to know the contents inside aren't dangerous.  All-natural ingredients help ease your mind, just in case.  

  4. Duration of Cold:  You want a cold pack that gets cold and stays cold.  Some cold packs are made with bentonite ingredients (kitty litter) that require more filling inside the gel pack.  These formulations are bulky and heavy, which cause them to warm up faster.  Look for products with a bentonite alternative.  This will help ensure your cold pack can reach and sustain maximum coldness.

  5. Affordability: You want a cold pack that offers the best bang for your buck. Typically, cold packs are only used when an isolated injury occurs and then stored for next time they're needed.  So even though you want a quality product, the most expensive option may not always make sense.




When you need a new cold pack, consider FlexiKold by NatraCure.  FlexiKold Gel Cold Packs are more flexible and stay colder longer.  Why?  It's the Gel!  Unlike the bentonite formula used in competing cold packs, FlexiKold is powered by a professional-grade gel interior that remains smooth and pliable when frozen. Since our proprietary gel stays colder longer, less is needed, allowing for a thinner, more user-friendly design that easily conforms to any part of your body.

Plus, the super-durable, double-seam construction prevents leaking, and the extra-thick nylon exterior is a breeze to clean.

There are loads of other great brands to choose from, of course.  Just make sure you don't compromise on any of the fore mentioned keys: Durability, Flexibility, Non-toxic Ingredients, Duration of Cold, and Affordability. Keep those in mind and you'll find the ice pack that's right for you!