NatraCure Hot/Cold & Compression Back Support


(6037 CAT) The Hot/Cold & Compression Back Support's built-in compression system and included gel pack provide targeted hot or cold treatment with quick, easy operation, ideal for treating the pain and swelling associated with arthritis, household accidents, sports injuries, or chronic pain conditions.

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The ThermoActive Back Support adjusts in the front to provide a customized pneumatic fit for your back. Its simple on/off ergonomic design enables mobility during wear for a faster return to daily living. Choose your therapy based on where you are in your recovery: Cold therapy with compression for the early stages of inflammation, swelling, and pain. Or heat therapy and compression for the later stages where stiffness, tightness, and pain become the primary hurdles.

The built-in air pump creates compression, and the internal, removable gel pack can be chilled in the freezer or heated in the microwave.


  • Hot or Cold: Provides penetrating, deep hot or cold therapy that increases circulation (hot) or reduces the swelling and pain (cold) of back-related arthritis without medication.
  • Uniform Compression: High-quality compression system keeps the gel pack tight against the back, providing uniform hot or cold treatment, unlike bags of ice or frozen vegetables.
  • Superior Insulation: Support material’s premium insulation properties direct cold or heat toward the targeted area rather than away—resulting in deeper penetration, which reduces time required for wear.
  • Contrast Therapy: Ideal for contrast therapy (when used with a second gel pack), where hot and cold treatments are alternated repeatedly.
  • Physical Therapy: Immediate Relief after physical therapy sessions when pain can be present, or after household accidents, such as lumbar or thoracic injuries and sprains,.
  • Pre or Post Sports Activity: Hot therapy to warm the back before exercise or soothing cold therapy after chopping wood—and always with reliable compression.
  • Chronic Conditions: Reliable treatment for on-going chronic conditions, such as sciatica, SI joint pain, or back muscle soreness and spasms.
  • Can be used without gel pack for anatomically correct lumbar support during housework or walking.


    Fits backs up to 46” in circumference or up to 66” with the included pair of extender straps.


  • Includes pair of extender straps
  • Precise fitting provides deep tissue treatment
  • Chilled in freezer or Refrigerator
  • Heated in microwave
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Removable gel pack and air pump
  • Washable and reusable


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Review by Eddie

This back brace is perfect! I sprained my back days ago and have not been able to sleep a wink. Ever since I have been using this brace, I feel sooo much better. I can actually go about my day and do things. Worth every penny. Thank you Natracure.

Soothes my back

Review by T. Soriano

I do not use the cold packs which they seem to stress a whole heck of a lot more than the hot. The hot pack is what you will want to use if you want to loosen up the back. And it works terrific. I drive all day and use this in the vehicle to great effect. Excellent support and very nice heat.


Review by A Customer

Works sure but expensive for what you're getting. Meh.