Gel Forefoot Cushion

1326-SC CAT


  • $14.99

NatraCure Gel Forefoot Cushions offer ultra-thin forefoot cushioning to help eliminate ball-of-foot pain and calluses. The anatomically designed gel pad redistributes body weight equally over all 5 metatarsal heads of forefoot. Thin profile design and soft fabric fits in most footwear, even dress shoes. Elastic comfort fabric is sewn in three sections and includes two toe loops to secure the position of the gel pad, so it will not slip or move in your shoe.

Helps Treat: Ball-of-Foot & Forefoot Pain, Calluses, Metatarsalgia, Neuromas & Sublexed Metatarsal Heads

Additional Details
  • Includes one (1) pair
  • Fits inside most dress footwear
  • Washable & reusable
Women's Sizing
  • Small/Medium: fits shoe sizes 5 to 10
  • Large: fits shoe sizes 10.5 and up
Men's Sizing
  • Small/Medium: fits shoe sizes 4 to 8
  • Large: sits shoe sizes 8.5 and up

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