Arthritis Mittens

A460-M CAT


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NatraCure Arthritis Mittens combine moist heat therapy with the special pain relief formula of our patented SmartGel inner lining. The result? A penetrating relief that reaches deep down into the joints of your hands and fingers. Try it and experience a soothing comfort you can rely on...Guaranteed.

Our patented SmartGel pain relief technology helps combat joint pain and discomfort with 7 therapeutic botanical and essential oils:

  • Avocado Oil - can act as a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Soybean Oil - can promote general bone health
  • Grape Seed Oil - can increase circulation and reduce pain
  • Jojoba Oil - can help deliver healing properties of its partner oils
  • Mineral Oil - can improve mobility and relieve joint stiffness
  • Canola Oil - can act as a natural anti-inflammatory with Omega-3s
  • Olive Oil - can act as a natural pain killer with its oleocanthal compound

How to Use: 5-10 minutes are required, but the longer and more frequently you wear the mittens, the greater the results. At a minimum, daily use is recommended. No clean-up is required. To achieve optimal results incorporate into your daily wellness routine. The more advanced benefits of improved grip, strength and dexterity require 30 days of continued use.

Expected Results
  • After 5-10 Minutes: Increases blood circulation for pain relief, soothes stiff joints, calms muscle spasms, improves range of motion and reduces inflammation
  • After 30 Days: With regular use, stronger, more energized hands, improved dexterity and further reduction of pain and discomfort
How They Feel
  • Once your mittens have been heated, the SmartGel lining will feel warm and smooth against your skin
  • Similar to paraffin wax, the SmartGel lining will completely enclose your hand for maximum therapeutic effect
  • Within minutes, you will feel a soothing sensation moist heat penetrates your arthritic joints
  • When you remove the mittens, your hands should not feel greasy or messy


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