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Cold Therapy Mittens



Within seconds our cold therapy mittens chill fingers and the entire hand to help relieve pain, swelling and chronic joint conditions like arthritis.

Frequently used to relieve chemotherapy side effects. Includes two insulated mittens with a soft Lycra lining and four inner gel cold packs to ensure long cold therapy treatments. Unlike competing products with zero mobility, each mitten includes an articulated thumb and segmented gel pack gussets to help fingers bend more easily. A Wide, full-length opening allows for easy insertion and removal of gel packs. Easily adjust the fit with a convenient hook-and-loop fastener at the wrist.

The Small/Medium and Large/XL mittens are similarly sized to standard winter mittens or gloves. If ever in doubt, choose the larger size.

After 20 years of providing the professional healthcare market with top-notch recovery solutions, we’ve now adapted the same medical technologies for consumer use. 

Our team has one simple goal: Helping you feel more comfortable - not only with smarter products, but by providing the greatest customer care possible, which includes Free Standard Shipping on Everything, and backing it with our famous 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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We’re located in Easton, Pennsylvania. And our products are all designed right here in the USA!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Michelle W
Gets the job done

I purchased the cold therapy socks and mitts to help prevent neuropathy from chemotherapy. While I have only completed three treatments, so far so good. They definitely keep my hands and feet COLD during treatment…so much so that I can’t wait to take them off when the treatment is over.

Laura Ruth Bidwell
They Worked!

Tried these for first chemo treatment and they stayed cold in my cooler. Really cold.

Cold Therapy Mittens--so comfortable and NOT painful!

I wish I had these before I started chemo as I had done one round without them and used what the hospital provided which were stiff, frozen, plastic like material that ended up giving me freezer burns on the bottom of my feet and fingers and I was in pain. I had absolutely no problem using these for the hour I had to used them during chemo infusion. I plan to purchase refillable ice blocks for when they start to thaw out near the end. Buy these if you are going through chemo to protect your nerve ending in your fingers and toes. I bought the socks as well and they worked just like the mittens!

Lee Scott-Mack
Stayed Cold for Hours.

The mitts stayed cold for until the chemo infusion (CFM) was complete (four hours). I also purchased the socks as well. Eight years ago, I had breast cancer eight years ago and still have neuropathy in my feet from ACT chemo. I also lost toenails, which did not grow back without some defective regrowth. I just had my first round of chemo for a reoccurrence of breast cancer and am hopeful they work to stop any progression of neuropathy and loss of toenails. Fingers crossed!

Deborah Jaffe
Excellent Product

Theses products are outstanding and well worth the investment. They appear to be well made and I suspect they will be very durable.

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