Arthritis Warming Mittens/Gloves (with Gel)

A460-M CAT


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NatraCure Arthritis Warming Mittens with Gel are the only arthritis treatment for hands with the deep penetrating action of moist heat therapy combined with SmartGel Technology. Pamper aching hands and fingers with a clinically proven system that combines traditional heat with the state-of-the-art science of our proprietary SmartGel Technology. Innovative SmartGel relieves aches and pains due to arthritis and other maladies with soothing moist heat therapy. SmartGel lining is enriched with 7 botanical oils and ceramides.

7 Essential Botanical Oils:
Grape Seed Oil to increase circulation
Jojoba Oil for quick penetration of partner oils
Soybean Oil to help promote general bone health
Avocado Oil and Canola Oil for inflammation
Mineral Oil to relieve stiffness
Olive Oil as a natural pain killer

    How to Use: 5-10 minutes are required, but the longer and more frequently you wear the mittens, the greater the results. At a minimum, daily use is recommended. No clean-up is required. To achieve optimal results incorporate into your daily wellness routine. The more advanced benefits of improved grip, strength and dexterity require 30 days of continued use.

    HEAT in microwave 30-40 seconds. Carefully touch inside of product to test temperature before applying. If not warm enough, carefully continue heating in 10 second increments only.

    Expected Results
    • After 5-10 Minutes: Increases blood circulation for pain relief, soothes stiff joints, calms muscle spasms, improves range of motion and reduces inflammation
    • After 30 Days: With regular use, stronger, more energized hands, improved dexterity and further reduction of pain and discomfort
    How They Feel
    • Once your mittens have been heated, they provide soothing moist heat to cold and painful hands
    • Within minutes, you will feel a soothing sensation moist heat penetrates your arthritic joints
    • Mittens easily slide onto hands and are secured with an easily adjustable hook and loop tab


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