Extra Gel Packs for Cold Therapy Socks



  • $14.99

NatraCure Extra Gel Packs for Cold Therapy Socks helps to provide you with cold packs whenever they are needed. These fit any of our NatraCure Cold Therapy Sock sizes. They provide fast relief for sore, aching or hot feet. A freezable, full-foot-length gel pack sits below each foot. For added relief, an additional half-size gel pack can either go over the toes or behind the heel. 

Helps Treat: Foot Pain (aching, swelling, soreness), Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, Heel Spurs, Ball-of-Foot Pain, Arch Pain

Additional Details
  • Includes two (2) full-foot length gel cold backs & two (2) half-size get cold packs
  • Washable & reusable
Works with:
  • Small/Medium: Cold Therapy Socks
  • Large: Cold Therapy Socks

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