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Gel Metatarsal Sleeve

1225/26-MC CAT


The NatraCure Gel Metatarsal Sleeve absorbs pounding foot shock waves, prevents calluses and alleviates ball-of-foot pain.

The thin design and soft fabric fits in standard footwear. The extra-soft gel pad under your foot redistributes your body weight, relieving pressure and enhancing the natural foot pad. Neutralizes Friction and eases burning sensations under the metatarsal heads.

Additional Details

  • Includes one (1) pair
  • Flexible, durable outer fabric for comfort
  • Slim design fits inside most standard footwear
  • Washable & reusable

Ball-of-Foot Pain, Calluses, Morton Neuromas, Foot Pad Atrophy

  • Small/Medium: fits men's shoe sizes 6 to 9 (average width)
  • Large/X-Large: fits men's shoe sizes 9.5 and up (average and wide width)

After 20 years of providing the professional healthcare market with top-notch recovery solutions, we’ve now adapted the same medical technologies for consumer use. 

Our team has one simple goal: Helping you feel more comfortable - not only with smarter products, but by providing the greatest customer care possible, which includes Free Standard Shipping on Everything, and backing it with our famous 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
not a good fit

This item is to way thick to fit into my shoes, although in principal could be a good product, I purchased it from Dream
I plan on donating this one to the Podiatric Clinic!

Janet Allen
Didn’t fit my needs

Due to the padding inside, I can’t wear my sandals with it, which was what I was planning on doing. Other than that, I’m sure it is a good product for those who need the padding.

Jeffrey Shender
Love 'em

Instant relief.

Olive Gale Gale Mullet
best with shoes

It is hard to put on, arrange over the toes, but once situated it works under shoes, even sandals. The bulkier version is better for bare feet or loose hiking shoes

richard clayton
So far so good

So far I think they’re helping my sore feet!

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