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How Water Can Improve Your Mood...quickly and easily

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Everyone is well aware that they should be drinking plenty of water. It is well documented that H2O provides countless physical benefits from healthier skin to increased amounts of energy. Not to mention the fact that it is a zero calorie beverage! However, a new study out of France has revealed a new reason to keep sipping on water: an improved mood. The study included about 50 participants who drank varied amounts of water per day. 30 people who drank very limited quantities of water per day were asked to increase their intake for three days. On the other hand, the other 20 people were instructed to do the exact opposite. These were folks who normally drank large amounts of water and they were asked to greatly reduce their water consumption. The results were very clear. The group that began drinking increased amounts of water instantly felt the health benefits. These people reported feeling more positive and up-beat at the end of the study. Additionally, they felt distinctly less fatigued, more alert and focused as well a decrease in negative effects such as headaches. As you can imagine, the group that had to cut down their water consumption for a few days experienced the opposite results. This group reported a worsened mood, an increase in headaches, higher levels of confusion, and more fatigue. But the most alarming results of the study are how quickly the contributors experienced changes. Remember, these findings were documented after changing water intake over only 3 days. Imagine what a conscious overhaul of this simple lifestyle change could do for your mood and body! unnamed2 Although it is abundantly clear that water positively affects mood, scientists are unclear why. However a study conducted through the University of Connecticut did find a direct correlation between even mild hydration and cognitive performance. Researchers speculate that this may be a result of neurons in the brain detecting a problem in the hydration or electrolyte levels. This would then affect the areas of your brain that regulate mood. Regardless of the reasons why your mood is improved from drinking water, the benefits are evident. To really feel the benefits and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the goal should always be to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. A great tip is to bring a water bottle with you wherever you go. This is especially beneficial at work. Having your water bottle constantly within arm’s reach will promote increased sipping and will absolutely increase your overall water consumption. I never leave my house without it! Get more H2O into your body and your mood will certainly thank you!   By Pat DeRiso
Sources: Men’s HealthwebMD

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