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7 Not-So-Obvious Healthy Snack Options

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Struggling with the urge to snack during the day at the office or on the go? Don’t beat yourself up about it! In fact, snacking in between meals is great for your metabolism, your brain and more! The key is what you’re snacking on. Avoid the temptations and reach for a snack packed from home or carefully selected from the breakroom. Yes, fruit is the most obvious healthy snack choice. But there are many other healthy choices that you may not be aware of. Here are 7 not-so-obvious snacks you can munch on throughout the day and not feel guilty about it!   1. Tomato Juice Here’s a freshly squeezed take on snacking. Reaching for a tomato juice is a smart way to fight hunger. Often times when you think you’re hungry, or in dire need of some sugar, your body is actually telling you that it’s thirsty! A nice low sodium glass of tomato juice (or other vegetable juice) can fight the hunger while giving you a solid boost of energy from a very natural and healthy source!   2. Wasabi Peas Now here’s an adventurous twist on snacking! Grab some wasabi peas to spice up your work day or when you’re out running errands. These bad boys will not only satisfy your hunger, but they will provide you with a strong amount of protein and fiber. All in all, they are a fun and tasty way to add some flavor into your snacking!   3. Dry Cereal Go ahead and snack like a little kid! Just be sure to avoid high-sugar cereals and stick to the classics, like Cheerios or Special K. Dry cereals provides a boost in metabolism while offering a great source of energy and brainpower!   4. Cottage Cheese Cottage cheese is a delicious snack choice that’s packed with protein! It will have you feeling full for longer since protein helps to maintain blood sugar levels. Pair cottage cheese with fresh fruit and you’ll have an incredibly healthy snack that will taste like you’re treating yourself to a delicious dessert treat!   5. Hard Boiled Eggs Making hard boiled eggs at home to eat on-the-go will provide you with a delicious source of protein and healthy fats to help you get through your day. It’s an easy snack option to cook at home since you can boil a dozen eggs at once!   6. Almonds Almonds are a sneaky source of goodness in so many ways! They have the highest protein levels of all nuts while boasting 9 essential nutrients for the body. Couple that with the fact that almonds have a lot of fiber and there’s just no reason NOT to include them as a snacking option!   7. Hummus You can really add a whole new dimension to snacking on veggies with the addition of hummus! Not only do the vegetables provide you with a crunchy sweet snack, but the hummus adds chickpeas to the mix. They are an excellent source of goodness—boasting calcium, iron, protein and fiber. This delectable combo is too good to pass up whether you’re trying to eat well or not!   A satisfying snack does not need to have an unhealthy experience. Keep changing up your daily snacks with these not-so-obvious options and you’ll be doing yourself a favor!   By Pat DeRiso Source:

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