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4 Ways Exercise Improves Your Brain

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Physical exercise, especially aerobic exercise, will increase your brain’s information-processing power as well as improve memory function. According to a study from the Department of Exercise Science at the University of Georgia, you will only need 20 minutes a day to start reaping the benefits. But how does the brain scientifically improve through exercise? Here are 4 ways it does just that.  
1. Anti-Depressant
Exercise releases endorphins and euphoric sense of bliss that is often described as a “Runner’s High”. You can have the same experience. What’s more, studies have shown that exercise can even reduce symptoms in the clinically depressed.
2. Increased Blood Flow
An increased heart rate from exercise will cause more blood to be pumped to the brain, significantly improving performance and brain function. This makes exercise a great way to help you focus in on the day’s tasks at hand or prepare for a long night at home with the kids!
3. More Brain Cells
Neuroscientists at Cambridge University have shown that exercise (and running in particular) can help create new brain cells. In the study, it was fond that just a few days of running led to hundreds of thousands of new cells. So yes, your brain will literally get bigger…and that means better!
4. Releases Hormones
Exercise is a catalyst for the body to release multiple hormones. These work to help produce an increased number of brain cells. Yes, you read that right. Physical activity can essentially make you smarter!
    Do yourself a favor and get moving! You owe it to your brain to engage in daily physical activity. A healthy lifestyle is sure to bring you physical wellness coupled with mental strength that will help you live a longer and more fulfilling life!
By Pat DeRiso
Source: brainHQ

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