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    Prep Your Feet for Summer Fun - Part 1

    Prep Your Feet for Summer Fun - Part 1


    Cold winter months can leave you with rough, dry feet. Cracked heels (heel fissures) are a common foot condition that can cause significant pain and discomfort. If the cracks get too deep, they often lead to wounds that become infected. Why does this happen? It's a result of dry skin or an underlying disease such as psoriasis and eczema and is associated with thickened skin and sometimes even yellow or brown calluses around the heel edge. But don't fret, we're here to help! And softer skin is just a few steps away!

    Follow these 5 steps to keep your feet soft, healthy, and feeling fabulous!

    1. Keep them Clean: As with any part of your body, healthy feet start with cleanliness. While bathing, be sure to always wash your feet thoroughly with soap and water. After bathing, be sure to fully dry them, especially between each toe, as fungal organisms love moisture. Keeping your feet dry helps to lower the possibility of a fungal infection. Continue this by wearing clean, dry socks. Also, avoid sharing footwear, as wearing other people’s shoes can increase your odds of getting an infection.

    2. Choose the Right Footwear: If you’re constantly dealing with cracked skin, it may be time to reevaluate your shoe collection. Certain kinds of shoes can aggravate feet and heels. Boots and high heels have little plastic inserts used to reinforce the heel cup and increase the support. Unfortunately, that can lead to unnecessary tightness and discomfort.

    3. Follow a Routine: Try limiting time in a bath or shower to 5-10 minutes to avoid excessive loss of moisture. The best treatment for cracked heels is preventing them, which means daily moisturizing and weekly exfoliating. This is important in both cold and warm weather.

    4. Moisturize: Contrary to popular belief, tools like pumice stones and foot files can cause cuts, bruises, and lacerations leading to infections. Using these items can cause the skin to become even more delicate, dry, and flaky. If you are a little too enthusiastic on your hardened feet, it may make them more tough and calloused, as the foot will believe it's suffering a trauma. The best option for cracked heels is moisturizing for at least 20 minutes every day.

    5. Get Deep Treatment: If you're looking for a quick treatment with long-lasting results, try using a pair of NatraCure Moisturizing Socks or Gel Heel Sleeves to treat your feet! Our Non-Vented Heel Sleeves are best-suited for wearing while you sleep; our Vented Heel Sleeves are more breathable, perfect for daily use. Both products feature our SmartGel technology that slowly releases therapeutic oil and vitamins to treat and comfort your skin.

    In Part 2 of this summer foot prep series, we will recommend our five favorite foot-friendly moisturizing products that will be a great complement to aforementioned tips. You’ll be on your way to have even softer, more nourished feet! So stay tuned...


      Source: Institute for Preventative Foot Care

      What Makes A Great Cold Pack

      What Makes A Great Cold Pack

      You probably already know that using a cold pack is one of the most effective ways to reduce swelling and numb pain. But do you know why?

      An injury swells because fluid leaks from blood vessels. Cold therapy helps the vessels constrict, lessening their tendency to leak. And the sooner you apply a cold pack to a sprain or strain, the sooner it can get to work easing pain and swelling.

      But not all cold packs are created equal!  Here are 5 things to consider before buying one: 

      1. Durability: You want a cold pack that will last.  It should be able to withstand rigorous use. Durable products and materials don't require frequent repair or replacement.  So the raw materials, energy, and environmental impact invested in them can be spread out over more time.

      2. Flexibility & Comfort: You want a cold pack that will stay flexible when frozen.  Flexibility is probably one of the most important features of a cold pack.  No matter the body part, you want a cold pack that will stay in place and conform comfortably to the treated area. 

      3. Non-Toxic Ingredients:  You want a cold pack that is safe for the whole family.  Most cold packs leave it up to your imagination about what might be inside them.  But accidents happen.  Whether your dog chews it or you accidentally step on it, you want to know the contents inside aren't dangerous.  All-natural ingredients help ease your mind, just in case.  

      4. Duration of Cold:  You want a cold pack that gets cold and stays cold.  Some cold packs are made with bentonite ingredients (kitty litter) that require more filling inside the gel pack.  These formulations are bulky and heavy, which cause them to warm up faster.  Look for products with a bentonite alternative.  This will help ensure your cold pack can reach and sustain maximum coldness.

      5. Affordability: You want a cold pack that offers the best bang for your buck. Typically, cold packs are only used when an isolated injury occurs and then stored for next time they're needed.  So even though you want a quality product, the most expensive option may not always make sense.




      When you need a new cold pack, consider FlexiKold by NatraCure.  FlexiKold Gel Cold Packs are more flexible and stay colder longer.  Why?  It's the Gel!  Unlike the bentonite formula used in competing cold packs, FlexiKold is powered by a professional-grade gel interior that remains smooth and pliable when frozen. Since our proprietary gel stays colder longer, less is needed, allowing for a thinner, more user-friendly design that easily conforms to any part of your body.

      Plus, the super-durable, double-seam construction prevents leaking, and the extra-thick nylon exterior is a breeze to clean.

      There are loads of other great brands to choose from, of course.  Just make sure you don't compromise on any of the fore mentioned keys: Durability, Flexibility, Non-toxic Ingredients, Duration of Cold, and Affordability. Keep those in mind and you'll find the ice pack that's right for you!





        Minimizing Spring Allergy Symptoms

        Minimizing Spring Allergy Symptoms

        For many Americans, the arrival of spring also means the unwelcomed arrival of allergy season. For those who enjoy the outdoors, that means sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, and runny noses. It's vital to ensure you're prepared when allergy season hits. To help you out, we've pulled together a few pointers to help you cope with springtime allergies.

        1. Avoiding Allergy Triggers: Check the daily pollen count and plan your day consequently. Pollen counts are usually highest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. If it is a high pollen count day you might want to run your errands in the early morning or late evening.
        2. On days when the pollen count is high, consider closing all office or home windows and use an air conditioner to cool off.
        3. Bathe before getting into bed to avoid pollen dispersion to bed sheets, pillows or blankets. 
        4. Wipe Down Pets: Keep in mind pollen sticks to furry friends! Consider wiping down your pet or giving them a quick bath if they have been actively outside. 
        5. Over Counter Medications: Antihistamines and decongestants can be super useful for treating allergies, talk to your health care provider to see what works best for you. 
        6. Combating Eye Allergies: Allergies affect the eyes causing itchiness, redness, burning and blurred vision. NatraCures Warming and Cooling Mask can be used to help melt away stagnant secretions, which allows the glands to produce the oils needed to slow the evaporation of tearing. With this mask, you get benefits you can see and feel. Heat or chill for soothing, natural relief within minutes. If you want to reduce the pain from allergy headaches, put this mask in the freezer to provide cooling relief. If you want to fight against red, puffy eyes, put it in the microwave. Alternate between warm and cool treatments to help ease allergies and reduce sinus pressure. Our all-in-one eye mask will soon be your new best friend during allergy season.
        7. Consider more advanced treatments: For patients who fail to progress with standard treatment, more advanced indicative methods such as skin tests and treatments such as allergy shots can be beneficial. 

        Hopefully, these suggestions will help you tackle outdoor allergies this spring because everyone should have a chance to get outside and smell the flowers, without sneezing!


          Source: Healthline

          Pure Pampering: The 2020 NatraCure Mother's Day Gift Guide

          mother's day gift ideas natracure gift guide 2020 quarantine gift home care self spa

          Giving and receiving a gift always feels good. But right now, sending someone special a present, large or small, feels just great! All moms deserve the best this year and every year, so treat her to a day of pampering with some of our favorite self-care and wellness products that she will love!


          1. Vibrating Massage Ball: Treat mom to a relaxing deep tissue massager for her everyday aches and pains. Moms work so hard and deserve to relax and treat themselves with a special home treatment. Our roller features 4 intensity levels for customized, targeted relief. She can apply pressure and reduce muscle pain anywhere she needs it. It is lightweight and portable, perfect for recovery and relaxation after exercise and small enough to be used all over the body. The best part? The massager can last up to 5 hours when fully charged.


          1. Warming Eye Mask: Benefits mom can see – and feel! Heat or chill for soothing, natural relief within minutes. If mom wants to reduce the pain from headaches and migraines, she can put this mask in the freezer to provide cooling relief. If she wants to reduce allergy-related sinus pressure, she can pop it in the microwave. Our all-in-one warming eye mask will soon be mom's new relaxation staple.


          1. Warming Shoulder Wrap: Our soothing moisture technology provides moist heat for deep, effective muscle penetration. The silica bead filling draws water vapor from the air and slowly releases it over time, for longer-lasting, more consistent heat therapy. All mom needs to do is sit back, relax, and let the moist heat soothe all of her aches and pains away.


          1. Vented Moisturizing Heel Sleeves: Since most spa and nail salons are closed these days, help mom bring the spa into the home with our Vented Moisturizing Gel Heel Sleeves. The gel lining slowly releases therapeutic essential and botanical oils. Dry, cracked heels become soft and supple with these dermatologist-tested moisturizing treatment sleeves. She'll feel pampered with soft, moisturized heels without ever leaving home.


          1. Intense Hydrating Gel Booties & Gloves - Lavender & Aqua: This is a must-have item with us now needing to wash our hands so often. Dry toes, feet and hands can become soft and supple with our dermatologist-tested moisturizing socks and gloves. The gel lining releases Medical-Grade Mineral Oil that helps repair dry, cracked toes, heels and hands. As the inner gel lining comes in contact with your skin, the warmth of your body activates the release of our therapeutic botanical oils, which include, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil & Grape Seed Oil. After each 20-minute at-home spa treatment, your hands and feet will have a silky smooth feeling that lasts. Just slip on these comfortable moisturizing gloves & booties and wear them around the house, or wear them to bed!


          1. Moisturizing Foot & Leg Cream: Featuring a novel complex of plant-based ingredients to soothe & nourish rough, dry feet & leg, our all-natural cream helps mom experience immediate comfort and an overall feeling of wellness. For more advanced treatment, pair with our Exfoliating Foot Scrub or any of these other NatraCure skincare products: Intense Hydrating Gel Booties & Gloves Vented Moisturizing Heel Sleeves


          1. Exfoliating Foot Scrub: This all-natural exfoliating scrub helps remove dry, dead skin & reinvigorates tired feet. Reveal softer, smoother skin. It's made with quality plant-based ingredients, including: Apricot, Jojoba, Tea Tree, Fennel, Geranium, Orange and Sage.


          Remember, Mother's Day is an opportunity to show mom your love and appreciation. So make it special with one our suggested gifts. It's bound to put a much-deserved smile on her face!

          How to Celebrate Mother's Day in Quarantine!

          How to Celebrate Mother's Day in Quarantine!

          For most of us, Social Distancing is the new normal. People have dropped presents at loved one’s doors, driven by with cheerful honks to celebrate a birthday and held any number of other holidays over video call. So with Mother’s Day fast approaching, it's time to get imaginative if you want to give Mom a day she won't soon forget!

          While money is a struggle for many individuals right now, there are low cost options to consider. Here are some ideas to check out: 

          1. Breakfast in Bed: Everyone loves breakfast in bed! If you are lucky enough to spend this Mother's Day with your mother, consider treating her to a well deserved balanced breakfast in bed. 
          2. Clean the House: It's no secret that most moms keep the house in check. Whether it's organization, cleaning, or laundry, she gets it done. Consider giving her the peace of mind she deserves and wake up early to clean the entire house. We promise you, you will be her favorite child.
          3. Order Her Favorite Meal: Take out will never go out of style! This Mother's Day, consider ordering your mom her favorite dish from her favorite restaurant. If you are apart from your mother, this is a perfect way to show you are thinking of her.
          4. Order her an E-Gift Card from her favorite store: While stores are closed, online shopping has seen a drastic increase. Buy your mom a gift card online and email it to her so she can spend the holiday picking out something she really wants.
          5. Family Video Call: Organize a virtual chat gathering, where you can get the entire family to wish mom a happy Mother's Day. While all of us are socially distancing, it's important to check in on loved ones. Just seeing your mother's face and vice versa is a guaranteed way to feel connected. 
          6. At Home Spa Day: If these were normal times, we would take our mothers to get pedicures, manicures and massages. Since we are unable to do so, bring the spa treatment home to mom. Consider our  Moisturizing Gel Socks and Gloves. This is the perfect gift now because we are washing our hands more often than ever, causing dry skin. When the unique inner gel lining comes into contact with the skin, they will warm up to her body's temperature, which then releases therapeutic botanical oils including Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil and Grape Seed Oil. After each home treatment, her hands and feet will have a more smooth, hydrated feeling. If you really want to make her happy, NatraCure All Natural Foot Creamsend her favorite hand lotion and foot cream to apply before she puts on the Gel Socks and Gloves for extra hydration and smoothness. Or check out our own all natural foot cream to pair with the socks. When combined with a lotion or cream, these moisturizing gloves and socks provide a moisture boost your mom will love and feel pampered by! 


            Source: Rakuten