Arthritis Mittens (1 Pair)


NatraCure Arthritis Mittens combine moist heat therapy with the special pain relief formula of our patented SmartGelĀ® inner lining. The result? A penetrating relief that reaches deep down into the joints of your hands and fingers. Try it and experience a soothing comfort you can rely on...Guaranteed.
Money Back Guarantee: Enjoy your Mittens or return them within 60 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

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Expected Results

  • Results after 5-10 minutes: Increases blood circulation for pain relief, soothes stiff joints, calms muscle spasms, improves range of motion, & reduces inflammation.
  • Results after 30 days: With regular use, stronger, more energized hands, improved dexterity, & further reduction of pain and discomfort.

SmartGel Pain Relief Formula

The inner gel lining is built upon our patented SmartGel Technology. It helps combat joint pain and discomfort with 7 therapeutic botanical and essential oils:

  • Avocado Oil - can help act as a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Soybean Oil - can help promote general bone health and act as anti-inflammatory.
  • Grape Seed Oil - can help dilate blood vessels to increase circulation and reduce pain.
  • Jojoba Oil - can help quickly penetrate to deliver healing properties of its partner oils.
  • Mineral Oil - can help improve mobility and relieve stiffness of painful, aching joints.
  • Canola Oil - can help act as a natural anti-inflammatory with Omega-3s.
  • Olive Oil - can help act as a natural pain killer with its oleocanthal compound.

How it Works

When heated in the microwave the flax seed heating source activates an inner gel lining, which then not only delivers a penetrating moist heat but also the 7 therapeutic oils of the pain relief formulation.

  • For Optimal Results - to achieve optimal results make the mittens part of a daily wellness routine.
  • More Advance Benefits - While immediate pain relief is guaranteed, the more advanced benefits of improved grip, strength, and dexterity call for 30 days of continued use.
  • 5-10 Minutes - Treatments of 5-10 minutes are required. But the longer and more frequently you wear them, the greater the results. At a minimum, daily use is recommended.

How They Feel

  • After heating your Mittens in the microwave, the SmartGel lining will feel warm and smooth against your skin.
  • Similar to paraffin wax, the SmartGel lining will completely enclose your hand for the maximum therapeutic effect.
  • Within minutes, you will feel a soothing sensation as the deep penetrating moist heat works its way down into your arthritic joints.
  • Like a pair of tea bags, your hands will be steeped in all the therapeutic goodness of the SmartGel. But when you remove the mittens, your hands should not feel greasy or messy. No clean-up is required.


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My hands love the mittens

Review by Mildred L

I have done everything you asked me to do and it is working very well on my hands. The fingers are already moving better and the pain is much improved. I will continue to wear these every day and I will tell my friends all about them. Thank you Natracure.

Warm and toasty

Review by RocksANN

They work great.

Love them!

Review by Tilda S

My hands feel so much better. I use them every day like they say to. I highly recommend, Wonderful gloves

No Miracles!!!

Review by Rory

I been using them a few weeks My hands feel better. But they make it seem like my hands will fee like new again. They work okay I'm keeping them. But do not expect the miracles they are promising!!

don't bother

Review by MelBelly

I used them for three days inarow and my fingers still ached after every time. I used them for more than the time they said to and still no dice. dont waste your time. They do moisturize though


Review by Tom B

there the only thing that works so far. I heated them too much the first few times but I got better at it. Works good. I'm buying some for my wife too

Better than the mitts

Review by Lynda

I tried the mitts and returned them. too heavy and too hard to get on. The mittens are much easier to put on and lighter to. These are much better and cheaper too