Hot/Cold & Compression Shoulder Support

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Advanced air compression system and freezable gel pack provide the same cold therapy & compression therapy combo favored by orthopedists the world over. Adapts the technology of our ThermoActive Medical products for consumers to use without a prescription!

Money Back Guarantee: Enjoy your shoulder support or return it within 60 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

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How it works

Anatomically-designed support is simple and easy to apply to either shoulder. Choose cold or heat therapy depending on your stage of recovery. And pump up to the desired compression level with the included pneumatic air pump.

  • Cold Therapy: Freezing the removable gel pack helps reduce pain, swelling, and muscles spasms.
  • Heat Therapy: Microwaving the removable gel pack increases blood circulation to promote healing and speed recovery.
  • Compression Therapy: Helps alleviate inflammation with built-in pneumatic (air) compression system
  • Contrast Therapy: When used with a second gel pack, hot and cold can be alternated repeatedly to interrupt inflammation.


  • Injury Recovery: Rotator cuff and other shoulder injuries, and other injuries where range of motion problems, swelling, or inflammation exist.
  • Before or After Sports: Hot therapy to warm the shoulder before activities such as throwing routines or soothing cold therapy after exercise—and always with reliable compression.
  • Physical Therapy: Immediate Relief after physical therapy sessions when pain can be present, or after household accidents, such as rotator cuffinjuries.
  • Chronic Conditions: Ideal for arthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis.


Fits chest up to 50” in circumference or up to 60” with the included pair of extender straps.


  • Removable gel pack chills in your freezer/refrigerator or heats in microwave.
  • Removable compression pump and extender straps
  • Select either left shoulder support or right shoulder support
  • Washable & reusable


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Great shoulder device

Review by Portia

Works great!

Need a second pack

Review by T.M. Bender

The cold pack goes luke warm in 20 minutes. It would be nice if they had a second cold pack that you could keep in the freezer as a reserve. That way you could switch it out when the first one goes warm. Otherwise you have to wait

Helped with shoulder surgery

Review by Rachel S.

If you have ever had shoulder surgery you'll know that icing the shoulder can be very difficult. The Thermoactive shoulder support made a big difference with that. The convenience is well worth it

Good idea

Review by defZONE

I used the shoulder wrap for more than a week and found it very great. My shoulder was sprained in a sport accident that made it most difficult to sleep at night no matter what. You stick the whole thing in the freezer and when you put it on your shoulder just chills and feels better. And the pump holds the shoulder all together. It's a good idea and now I'm ready to start heating the inner pack instead of freezing it. Thanks!