Gel Forefoot Cushion

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NatraCure Gel Forefoot Cushions offer ultra-thin forefoot cushioning to help eliminate ball-of-foot pain and calluses. Thin design and soft fabric fits in most footwear, even dress shoes. New top fabric design is sewn in three sections to secure the position of the gel pad so it will not slip or move in your shoe.

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  • Ball-of-foot Relief - Eliminates forefoot pain and calluses with maximum cushioning and comfort. Also treats: Metatarsalgia, Neuromas, and Sublexed metatarsal heads.
  • Greater Shock Absorption - Redistributes body weight equally over all 5 metatarsal heads of forefoot with extra-soft, anatomically designed gel pad.
  • Thinner Designed - Thin profile design includes innovative gel pad that matches or exceeds the cushioning power of thicker, heavier competing products.
  • Stays in Place - Elastic comfort fabric is sewn to include two toe loops to secure the gel cushion. Resists slipping or moving in the shoe during work or play.


  • Small/Medium: Fits Women's shoe sizes 5-10, Men's shoe sizes 4-8.
  • (Item no. 1326-SC CAT)

  • Large/X-Large: Women's shoe sizes 10.5+, Men's shoe sizes 8.5+.
  • (Item no. 1327-SC CAT)


  • One Pair
  • Fits inside most dress footwear
  • Washable & reusable


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Mostly good

Review by Tildawnandbeyond23

I dont like to have anything between my toes but that can't be helped I guess. The cushioning works fine. Fits in my shoes without a problem. Can be turned inside out to fit either left or the right foot.

Thin cushion is nice

Review by Thomdogger

I cant hardly feel the ground even though the cusihions are really think. Excellent product thanks

good cushion

Review by Fran D.

I have worn them inside dress shoes with good effect. The balls of the feet are generally sore but this helps a good deal.