Do you have stiff hands and feet when you wake up…wrists that throb with pain… or joints that ache with everyday activities such as getting dressed? You may be wondering if you have arthritis, or you may be diagnosed with a form of arthritis and not be clear about what it means. Joint pain is more and more common, and it can be debilitating. But there’s a fine line between fact and fiction. Pain and disability don’t have to be the center of your life. Debunking some of the myths about arthritis will help you find the resources you need […]
With spring on the horizon, do you feel like making a fresh start? You may feel your energy surging, and yearn to let the sunshine in. But sometimes….spring showers also trigger achy joints, and the throbbing you feel when the humidity rises. Contrary to what you may believe, achy and stiff joints are not “just part of life” or  a normal sign of aging. They are a sign of inflammation. The food you eat on a daily basis plays a big role in inflammation, which contributes to achy joints. So why not take a few minutes to spring clean your pantry, and […]